Field Programmes

Presently AFARM is actively engaged in: 1) Developing and Managing livelihoods and 2) Rural Enterprise Development for more than 30,000 poor households.Large numbers of them belong to: 1) Scheduled Castes 2) Scheduled Tribes 3) Landless Labourers 4) Rural women 5) Small and marginal farmers 6) Farmers under distress.

The central theme of AFARMs initiative is to contribute to development of resilient production, sustainable and diversified households, on farm and off farm livelihoods allowing households to face production and market risk without falling back unto poverty and distress.

The purpose of the these initiatives to improve the income of poor households through resilient organic and low-input farming, involvement of farmers in primary processing, quality enhancement and marketing, empowering women and landless households through micro-finance and micro-enterprises.

The key components are:
  • Institutional capacity building of small producers including Village Development Committees, Joint Liability Groups, Self Help Groups, Producer Groups and producer companies/Producer Organizations
  • Market linkages and value chain development (involving all actors in the input provisioning, production processing, transportation and marketing including improvising backward linkages to input supply chain)
  • Sustainable agriculture development including in-situ soil water conservation, farming system development with focus on organic farming (through farmers field school, training and demonstrations)
  • Agro-based and livestock based micro enterprise development involving skill development trainings, preparation of business plan, mobilizing financial resources, hands on support.

Presently, AFARM has undertaken the seven initiatives for promoting & strengthening livelihoods of the rural poor in Maharashtra State. Outreach of these livelihoods initiatives is as follows:
Sr No Name of Program Funding Agency Project period No. Of PNGOs No. Of Districts No. Of Blocks No of Villages No of Households
1. Livelihoods Resource Agency for Tejaswini-Maharashtra Rural Women Empowerment Program MAVIM, Dept.
of Women & Child Development , GoM
2011-14 - 4 24 334 5969
2. Controlling Vulnerability of Rural Poor in Distress Districts of Vidarbha Region AWO international, Germany 2008-13 4 2 5 20 934
3. Market Linked Sustainable Development of Agriculture focusing on LEISA Techniques through Convergence of Agriculture Interventions Dept. of Agriculture & Marketing, GoM 2010-14 1 1 1 19 5000
4. Resource Institute for Promotion of Farmers Producer Organisations (FPOs) – Pulses SFAC, Dept of Agriculture & Cooperation , GoI 2011-13 0 2 5 33 4600
5. Resource Institute for Promotion of Farmers Producer Organisations (FPOs) - Vegetables SFAC, Dept of Agriculture & Cooperation , GoI 2013-14 0 3 4 30 4000
6 Participatory Agricultural Development Programme Within MIP-M Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation (LS) RDWCD,GoM 2005-11 2 9 17 27 7650
7 Dalits Livelihoods enhancement program Dept. of Science & Technology, GoI 2011-13 1 1 2 2 88
  Grand Total     8 18 69 465 28,241